ESON R&D Center

ESON R&D Center is an extremely important position in THE OVERALL VALUE CHAIN AND ESSENTIAL TO OUR COMPANY.It has always insisted on the concept of R&D as the core competition and won the unanimous approval of the majority of users and people in the industry.
ESON R&D Center is composed of an R&D team with higher education and innovative capabilities.
ESON R&D Center is composed of about 20 engineers and covers professional engineers such as ID design, MD design, hardware and software, IOS/Android applications, cloud platform, and DQA test and stability certification.

Eson Guarantee

Strong R&D capability is a solid foundation for sustainable development of technology.
Therefore, In the past ten years, we have always insisted on the opportunity of innovation and development. Focus on the pace of technological innovation and new product development.Actively attract multi-disciplinary talents to become an innovative spirit,A team with rigorous R&D capabilities.For more than 10 years, Our company has devoted itself to the continuous research and exploration of audio technology. With its novelty, high-tech content, high quality and high market share, the product enjoys a good reputation in the domestic and foreign police equipment industry. Focus on continuous research and exploration of audio technology, products with its novel, high-tech content, high quality and high market share. With good reputation at domestic and abroad in smart wireless audio industry.

ESON R&D Center

Eson was establishment in 2011, Constantly put R&D and innovative design in the first place to improve its core competitiveness.

· Focus on R&D investment, recruit talents.

· ESON spends 8%-10% of its annual turnover on R&D enters to support over 300 OEM/ODM projects and independent R&systems.

· Product include : Bluetooth audio field, including smart home speaker equipment, outdoor speaker, 7-level waterproof speaker,Home video conversion program,Audio equipment, Bluetooth devices, and some applications to improve the quality of life.

Intellectual property

R&D speed: More than 1 invention patent application per year, More than 3 utility model patents and more than 20 design patents;